How to Stop Eating Carbohydrates

How to Stop Eating Carbohydrates

Eating carbohydrates causes you to continue to want to eat more and more carbohydrates. So how do you break the overeating cycle? In this article I address a number of ways to help you to break free from carbohydrate addiction.

Make it easier on yourself by dealing with triggers, taking a closer look at your everyday diet, increasing your sense of pleasure, changing how you talk to yourself about carbohydrates and change the picture in your head that you’re making of the foods you want to stop eating.


The first and for some, sometimes the easiest way to help yourself stop eating carbohydrates is to remove the triggers that are causing you to eat. 

Remove the actual foods from your environment. Don’t buy them in the first place. Don’t bring them into your house, don’t bring them into your workplace.  Get rid of any pictures of these foods.

If you’re like me and you have kids living with you, you may find that you have to have some of these foods around. So then the next best thing to do is to remove it from your line of sight. 

Put the food into a non-see through container and stick it at the back of the cupboard or the back of the fridge.

Because we are wired that if we see food then we want to eat it.  So to help overcome that natural instinct that we have is to just get it out of plain sight.

Foods High In Magnesium

The second way is to make sure that in your everyday diet, that you’re eating nutrient rich food.  Because if you’re not supplying enough nutrients to your body, then you will create cravings to eat more. 

For example, many people are not getting enough magnesium in their diets, and so instead of getting the magnesium from healthy foods that keep their body at a healthy weight, they instead are grabbing high calorie foods like chocolate to meet the deficit. 


The third way to stop help you stop eating carbohydrates is to make sure you are doing things in life that increase your sense of pleasure and happiness. As that is often why you’re reaching for these junk foods in the first place – to feel better. 

What your body really is looking for is an increase in the chemicals dopamine and serotonin.

Ways to increase these feel good chemicals are:

Get enough sunlight so that your body can make vitamin D. 

Incorporate a daily practice of Meditation

Touch and Massage – get someone to give you a massage, or you can give yourself a hand or foot massage with cream. 

Listening to music can increase your dopamine and serotonin levels.

Make sure you are getting enough restful sleep.  There are several hormones that are affected by limited sleep that can lead to feelings of greater hunger.  Specifically, ghrelin (our hunger hormone) increases with a lack of sleep, causing you to want to eat more.

We tend to crave sweet items because our bodies primary get energy from carbohydrates and sugars.

Also, leptin (our appetite suppressing hormone) goes down with a lack of sleep. So you’ll find it more difficult to stop eating when your full.  

And also adding in exercise to your routine also increases the release of feel good hormones in your body.

Change your self-talk about these foods.

Remind yourself Why it is that you want to stop eating carbohydrates.  For me, it was that I didn’t like feeling out of control and I knew that the more of these foods that I ate, the more the less control I had over my eating and I didn’t like that feeling. 

These foods made me feel bad about myself.  When I ate them, my critical inner voice would be chastising me for eating them. This would affect my self-esteem, my moods and how I was showing up in the world, how I was interacting with my family and loved ones.  

So remind yourself of all the consequences of eating these foods.

Change the picture in your head that you’re making of the food.

One of the best way of doing this is to actually start reading the labels of the foods that you’re eating. Look up what the numbers mean that they put into the ingredients. 

Do some research into the ingredients of the foods. When you realise how bad these ingredients are, instead of seeing the food as it’s presented to you, picture the food as the individual ingredients.

So for me, when I look at doughnuts covered in icing, I think about the artificial colours and flavours that have been used to make the icing. 

I also make a mental image in my head of the icing looking like melted plastic. 

Think about the oil that’s used to cook the doughnuts in and that it’s been heated to a high temperature and that oil that’s heated that is carcinogenic – in that it causes cancer. I then imagine putting all that artificial stuff into my body, all of that cancer causing oil into my body.

And then imagine how my internal body is reacting to all this foreign substance and how I’m abusing my body instead of showing it the love that it deserves.  

You can do this with any foods that you may want to stop eating.

If you prefer to watch a video, click the link below…

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