Losing weight and keeping it off shouldn’t be

Hi,  I’m Tamara!

I’m a weight loss coach, who lives in Toowoomba, a city that’s situated on the top of an extinct volcano in Queensland, Australia with my husband and three children.

I believe that mindset and the power of the unconscious mind is greatly underutilised when it comes to making changes such as losing weight.

One of my greatest joys has always been supporting others and helping them to achieve their fullest potential.

When I come across a difficulty in life I’m very tenacious about figuring out the solution and as such spent the last 18 years immursed in researching, reading, and involved with eating and weight loss. 

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And a bit more about me…


I’m a qualified English/Music High school teacher.  However, throughout my teaching career I’ve been a Kindy music specialist, primary school classroom teacher, and high school teacher.  Teaching others is exciting for me – especially when I see “light bulbs” going off in people’s heads when something that’s confused them suddenly becomes clear. 



One of my strongest values is that of being a mum. Of a day, (when I’m not coaching) you’ll find me doing the usual things: cooking meals, cleaning and tidying up, helping with homework, and taxi driving. I love going for walks to the nearby parks and lakes with my family or snuggling up together on the lounge to watch a movie. When I do find that rare moment of solitude you’ll find me with my nose in a book.

How Did I Get Here?…

I had a personal struggle with eating and being overweight for many years.  I KNEW that the problem wasn’t the food so much as what was going on in my head.  I studied during those years doing courses, listening to audios, attending workshops and working with mentors desperately trying to find an answer.  At one stage there I believed that there wasn’t one. 

One of my mentors  introduced me to the amazing work of psychotherapist Milton Erickson. At this point, I had my first MAJOR breakthrough with my eating and I knew I was on the right track.  I studied, personal growth, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis. 

The work that I do with people is a combination of the very best techniques that I’ve found work for people – ones where instead of fighting against cravings, the cravings are not even there in the first place.


Bachelor of Music (Education)

Associate of Music A.M.E.B (Pianoforte)

Accredited and Certified Master NLP Practitioner

Accredited and Certified Life Coach

Professional Clinical Conversational Hypnotherapist

Certified Member of the International Association of Conversational Hypnotherapists

Mother of three gorgeous children