"NO CRAVINGS...so crazy!!!"

“It took me only one session with Tamara to be able to tap into my inner resources and start implementing change that I’d been struggling with FOR YEARS – hard to believe!” – Aida Benzakour

You CAN think, act and be a thin person in a way that’s easy and automatic.

And YES you can do so while still eating your favourite foods.

Create PERMANENT change in how you think, act and feel about food by reprogramming your subconscious mind so that the weight just melts away.



We eat every day.

For some, eating is simple,
for others, food can consume a large portion
of their waking hours, affecting how they feel
physically, emotionally and mentally.

I remember feeling powerless

and not trusting myself around food.

It felt as though the food was
controlling me.

After years of struggling with yo-yo dieting,

emotional eating and overeating,
I knew dieting wasn’t the answer.

In fact, I
couldn’t face going on
another diet again.


I wanted to eat healthier and exercise
but wasn’t able to
make the changes
and have them stick.

And, I’m sure that’s where you are right now!


By reprogramming your mind,

you won’t have to rely on willpower anymore.

We can rewrite your thoughts and program in

new behaviours, habits and relationship with food forever.


Are you ready to think like a thin person?

Tamara Coach

Hey, I’m Tamara!

I’ve dedicated my life to helping people find confidence, happiness and health.  My speciality is educating you to reprogram your unconscious mind so that you think like a thin person.

What makes my expertise different is that I’ve been where you are:  I’ve failed with diets, felt out of control around food, and hated how my clothes looked.  My liberation, confidence and happiness came when I regularly took control of my thoughts, my critical inner voice, and became more aware of my emotional triggers. 

I take great pride in helping people, just like you to find the same freedom.

I can’t wait to help you achieve your beautiful body.